• Why do men visit las vegas

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    Why do men go to Vegas?


    It's not for the gambling or the food that's for sure!
    Men crave adventure, excitement, the exotic, and the erotic.
    That's what draws men here it’s the one place where a man can still be a man and not have to kowtow to the quagmire of social correctness that the American Society has foisted on a man in the 21st century.
    In Vegas, you can dress the way you want, be seen with a beautiful woman, and enjoy her fully without all the BS that woman today lay at your doorstep today.
    Here you can live out your fantasy and see, touch, and taste a woman that is their entirely devoted to one thing.
    Your personal pleasure!
    Believe it or not, this is also the real reason an individual religion is so popular. Men are the lords of their world and women know it.
    Here in Vegas this rule also holds true and you don't have to do anything except get on a plane, get in your car, and your life will be forever changed.
    You will arrive check into your room and if you called ahead, a beautiful woman will be waiting to cater to your every need, desire, and fantasy.
    That's what you need today someone that treats you as you deserve and once you experience the charms and sensations of being treated like a king. Going back to your humdrum existence, even if you are a CEO of a major corporation pales by comparison.
    So, if you are a man let's show you what you can experience by selecting an Escort that looks, sounds, and even has the scent that drives you wild.
    What's even better is that she knows your every desire before you even think it and instinctively makes it real.
    These women have no equal in the world for their ability to arouse, entertain, and titillate your senses time and time again. That's why men from all over the world call on our services. They know that they will receive the attention and their every desire will be fulfilled and their time in the Sin Capital of the world will drive out all the stress and depression in their lives.
    So, sit back and learn about the luscious, the exotic, erotic chicks who await your every desire and command.
    Don't be shy they would break. They can be gentle, sweet and innocent or they can turn your world upside-down and like a voodoo witch queen from New Orleans who will love you all night until your skin turns red!
    But, this is Vegas and the experiences are real and you'll remember it for the rest of your life.
    Curvaceous, Blonde and knows just what you want
    Of course, every man fantasies about those Blonde movie queens we've grown up with seeing in movies and magazine. But you can spend your time with one right now and you'll see why the blonde is always in demand by moguls of industry and even sultans come to Vegas to choose them for their wives.
    A blonde with blue eyes and a provocative smile is all that it takes to send shivers down their spine and arouse the animal that lurks inside.
    You too will be treated the same whether you’re a CEO or a Nerd from New Jersey and age doesn't matter. These blonde goddesses know the arts of pleasure and whether you are jaded at 50 or inexperienced just out of college one of our beauties with platinum blonde tresses with take you down the path to your private Garden of Eden.
    Except in this Eden, there is no such thing as sin. The only thing is being seen at dinner with a gorgeous woman on your arm showing that you are a man to who see you.
    Go clubbing and even if you can't dance. She'll make you look like a Dancing King and she'll be able to hold up her end of a conversation, as she probably is as well educated as you are and she has boned up on you and your profession.
    She may even be smarter than you and you'll be able to finally be able to talk to someone who really understands.
    Later she'll also show you that deep inside there is a passionate animal waiting to break free of the trappings of society and let your erotic fantasies roam free. When this happens, you'll fully understand what it is to be with a real woman, as she will match your passions and quench your flame.
    Then she will rekindle it and start again and again until the sun rises to greet the day and you lie exhausted entwined with one of the most beautiful women on earth.
    The Far East is home to the exotic beauty that is soft as silk and yet stronger than the finest steel
    Asian Escorts offer you a taste of what it is to be a man's man. Asian women have learned over the centuries how to please a man in all things.
    Chinese women know how to dress to arouse and yet with their self-control smolder inside and only if you look closely at their eyes will you see the hidden fire that lurks beneath the surface.
    Fortunately, for you, the Escorts you meet in Vegas enjoy unleashing their passion and with dance, their laughter, and caresses that arouse you in ways that you've only dreamed about in your wildest fantasy.
    They are also intelligent and often hold a college degree in the sciences. But that doesn't stop them from unleashing 5,000 years of expertise in man pleasing skills that they possess at the genetic level.
    Once you've spent time, with your Asian Beauty, you'll understand why Marco Polo spent most of his life there and most men sell their soul to be with one of these golden-skinned goddesses for just one night.
    You don't have to go that far of course as here with you Asian princess you'll enjoy all of her talents that will titillate all your senses of touch, scent, and even the taste of jasmine and lotus on her skin.
    Honey is not so sweet as that which flows from a Chines woman as a Chinese fortune cookie in Vegas reads.
    Only by coming to Vegas and meeting one of these beautiful flowers of the East will you find out what that and the terms "Ultimate Bliss and Desire Fulfilled" really mean.
    A man who has a Chines woman as his companion id respected and admired anywhere in the world, especially if she is smiling knowingly. Men understand that if you can make an Asian woman smile you are someone to be reckoned with.
    Our Chinese escorts teach you the secrets of oriental love so you both will smile time and time again.
    Ebony reflects the light in a way that cannot be matched by any mirror or shiny gold
    That what you see when you meet one the highly prized chocolate skinned escorts that with their exotic eyes and smooth flowing skin and shapely curves.
    They oil their skin with exotic oils and creams until they glisten in the light of the city. Their hair forms a halo around their almond shaped eyes and their skill to make a man be a man are legendary in Vegas.
    No courtesan of Europe's kings can compete with their skill in pleasing their man.
    You will find that they know fine food and wine. They have a regal bearing that dates back centuries to the ancient African Queens of the Nile such as Nefertari and the fabled Queen of Sheba.
    But you will not be with a legendary lover like Cleopatra. The lady who is with you tonight is a real breathing person that whose very touch will fire your blood and make you eyes open wide as you feel the blood quicken in your veins.
    Don't be afraid. She's not a vampire out of an erotic thriller. She will only feast on your passions and drive you insane with the pleasure of her touch. With even a simple touch on your wrist at an elegant restaurant, she will ignite your passions and once she has you on the dance floor you will see just how skilled her body as she dances to display for you, her toned and lush figure. Her hips are real and beg for a real man to hold and caress.
    What you see up front is flowing and real. No silicon. All natural and what a certain actress can only have with surgery and plastic.
    You have the real thing by your side and you will feel the rhythm of African drums and the age-old dance that has brought men to their knees in ecstasy for thousands of years.
    What makes it so special is that your African Queen is there to use all her skill to make your every wish come true in a way that Aladdin never imagined.
    When you finally awaken after her ministrations, you will marvel at the way the sun reflects off her skin and understand why men seek an African Princess and face any peril to spend an enchanted evening with her.
    But you will only find out if you pick up the phone and call to make arrangements in advance, as we have them and they need time to prepare themselves for your pleasure.
    A true Redhead is a marvel for the senses to behold
    Flaming red hair has always been the symbol of a fiery temper and smoldering passions.
    Her Milky skin sets of her gown as she sways to the music in your arms. You feel her heat that inflames you and brings out the man in you.
    Graceful as only a trained dancer can be she glides back to your table to wait for you pleasure.
    Dancing is just one of a Vegas Redhead. She knows how to tease you and make you laugh as well as shows with a tilt of her chin and a subtle shift of her pose just how much you arouse her. You see in the unbridled fire in her eyes and the feeling as her red nails gently rake down you bare arm raising goose bumps down its length.
    It's not cold you're feeling either. You are feeling the animal magnetism that Redheads project and what has made the old Gaelic King mad with passion. They would conquer their neighbors not for their lands but for the Flame-haired beauties living there.
    King Arthur himself fell under Guinevere’s spell and Camelot’s fate was sealed as Arthur wasn't enough of a man and she had to turn to another to release her passions.
    You are the man she and the other Redheads of Vegas seek because you dare to come to Vegas and select one of them to be, your companion for the evening. Like Lancelot, you will be the one who can tame the animal passions that men have fought over for hundreds of years during the War of the Roses where the color red was the issue. But many don't understand is that it signified the true color of passion and that is what a Redhead displays for the world to see.
    You can experience that royal passion that still inflames the Gaelic men of Ireland, Scotland, and Greece.
    Yes, we said Greece as the Ionian Redhead is little know in America. But we have a number of Greek ladies here exclusively here in Vegas that show you why Helen of Troy wasn't the only one who could launch a navy or cause countries to go to war.
    No wonder as only 1% - 2% have the rare genetic mix and heritage, conditions that promote the hair color, milky skin with freckles, an ample bust and flowing hips.
    They also have a reputation for craving excitement and adventure. You will find all of this is true when you decide to come to Vegas and spend some of the most exciting nights of your life in the company of a Redheaded Escort who will change your perception of the Redhead forever and make you a convert to their way of life.
    Latino Ladies have dark hair, Dusky skin, and an inner fire that burns you to your soul
    Once you've felt the embrace of a Latina lover you'll be hooked for life. The Hispanic culture respects men and yet has women who can match any man in bed or anywhere else as well.
    An ivory white smile lights up a Latino lady's face and she is looking deep into your eyes and sees the man you are. Latino women are endowed with a gift of perception that makes for them priestesses of the ancient Mayan and Incan religions.
    Even though these nations are gone and in the Latino world, another religion holds sway. There is time and time again, where a beautiful Latino woman takes center stage and commands attention.
    Such was the case of Maria Lionza who is worshiped as a saint in the mountains of Venezuela. If you see her statue, you will be mesmerized by her beauty.
    Now imagine a woman like that in the flesh. A jungle goddess from South America or Mexico comes to life and is nestled in your arms.
    You will experience a passion that fires not only fires your fantasies but inflames your passions until only she can fulfill them and satisfy your inner desires.
    A Latino beauty knows just by looking at you what you need and desire. She then will make it all real, whether it is by the pool, in a club, and even at the gaming tables. Just having her near you brings out the Machismo that most American men have forgotten they possess.
    This secret fire is but an ember in most today after years of leftwing propaganda telling me they should be soft and this causes you to forget what men were and should be again. This is what a Latino Escort can do with just a toss of her head and her long silky locks of raven colored hair swishes to daringly over her shoulder, as she looks you in the eye.
    Your heart will beat faster and you will follow her onto the dance floor and later back to your room. You will be hypnotized by the lilt and purr in her voice and you will want to caress and feel her soft skin that makes your pulse race with passion.
    Watching her toned muscles move rhythmically to Salsa or the latest dance tunes hint at the muscle control she posses that later will bring you to a level of ecstasy you've never experienced before.
    Once you have been in the company of a Latino Goddess like the Vegas Escorts we have waiting here for you. You'll become a lifelong believer and come back to see them time and time again until the sands of time run out and the Mayan calendar starts anew.
    Japan home to the Geisha and the Samurai
    From the land of the Rising Sun, we have brought a bevy of beauties that are a mix of the modern Japan and it's High Tech culture but still steeped in the ancient arts of love.
    These seemingly shy and reserved ladies are all expert in the arts of entertainment. They are the 21st century equivalent of the ladies that inhabited Japan's legendary Floating World.
    Like Vegas This Fantasy world where every pleasure imaginable was fulfilled. Sadly, the Japanese have forgotten this in their march to modernization and Fast food.
    But, in some out of the way, places in Japan these forgotten memories are kept alive.
    The practitioners of the secret pillow books of Japan are the teachers of our Escorts and they will reveal to you the Love Arts of the Far East to you and your alone. When you are in their company at dinner or watching a show, they are a beautiful companion that brings honor and respectability to you and your name.
    When you are alone her hair comes undone and flows down and you are engulfed in a curtain of silken raven tresses that glitter with all the colors of the rainbow and you long to run your finger through them. But your hands are filled with soft and willing flesh that demands the attentions that only you can provide. You are in turn are treated to sensations that few westerners have ever felt. Your skin will sing with pleasure and passion as she expertly touches you in the 100 secret places of arousal that only the lore masters of Japan have been privy to in the past.
    Under a slow and a measured way designed to prolong and increase the agony of your pleasure. She will bring you to the brink and hold you there until you can't take the pleasure any longer. Only then will she give you the ultimate expression of final and total release and the milk and honey as the sages put it, are commingled to bring rise to the power that created an Empire in old Japan under the Shoguns and the Imperial house.
    These are just a few of the mysteries the Escorts from Japan possess.
    To discovery, their other mysterious powers of pleasure you need only avail yourself of the excitement and pleasure of their company. You can do this by simply coming to Vegas the Floating World of the Western World.
    The city of Vegas, where passion and pleasure rule and your wildest imaging’s can become real.
    Like the Geisha Escorts in Vegas offer a man the chance to be a man one more
    In the mundane world, you have to serve the needs of your workaday job and cater to your boss's whims and demands.
    But here with our Escorts whatever pleasure or passion you have are fulfilled. Here you're the king of all you survey, and the woman of your dreams is here waiting to bring you manhood back to a time when the world was simpler, men knew what they were, and women did too!
    Blonde, Asian, Redhead, and Latino they await your arrival and are preparing themselves for your total pleasure.
    If however, you have another fantasy woman in mind and we will scour the earth and have her waiting for you to make your dreams come true. Vegas may be called the "City of Sin." But in reality, it is a place where men can become who they were meant to be.

    If that is a sin, "So Be it So!"
    Escorts from Vegas are your Modern Day Geishas; They are here to relieve your pain, stress, and make you whole once more.

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